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           YOU should be afraid...

                                                (Author unknown)

       YOU should be very afraid...

       YOUR very soul is in danger!


                                 by Roch Jimenez
                                           (Roc He~men~ez)

          1998-2011 copyright, Roch Jimenez. All Rights Reserved.

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If YOU're looking for something supernatural to read...You've come to the right place!

Let me introduce YOU to my user-friendly navigational pages and the beginning of YOUR journey to entertainment and enlightenment, if YOU so choose!

The Eye of God: Is the first of my original modern-day supernatural 21st Century Fables I want to introduce YOU to...

This eFable is about a young 14yrs old girl whose parents were killed in a senseless car-jacking when she was 7yrs old, her Aunt who is her only living relative and a misunderstood loner being thrown directly in the path of Evil during the early 21st Century.

Hidden TRUTHS about Religion, History and Women are brought to light and intertwined within this eFable of Chupacabras, UFOs, Vampires, and other mythical beings.

Think "X-Files meets Revelations."

These Chapters have attracted a few Independent Hollywood producers attention.

I want to capture YOU're attention! So, I'm offering the 1st Ten Chapters for YOU to review, comment on, offer suggestions or flame me.

If YOU like what YOU're reading, the 2nd and 3rd installments of Ten Chapters each, will be available for $10 each!


About 21stCenturyFables: Tells the incredible, TRUE story of how 21stCenturyFables & Book I: The Eye of God came into being...

Learn how I:

Became published in the Best Poems and Poets of 2000 & 2001...

Became published in London, England...

Created a modern-day supernatural eFables...

Was contacted TWICE by an actual centuries old secret society...

Became a member of Writer's Guild of America...

Turned down a $36ml budget from a major Hollywood studio player to make a
Feature Film...

Almost got a superstar agent...

Why Chupacabra movies suck, and...

What I want to accomplish with this site...

Once YOU've read this page, YOU will have a better understanding of what
YOU are about to learn!


More21stCenturyFables:  I am also providing more short eFables, for YOUR consideration  and entertainment- some are fr*e, some are 4 Sale.

                      UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Even though Under Construction, please feel fr*e to to visit and comment, suggest, or flame on anything written.


'Neath the Fables: Having had many test readers send eMails telling me: "I know this is a Fable, but it seems so real. Can you tell me what's real and what isn't?"

I will be writing a new eBook that discloses what is real and what is Fable.

I will also be writing a fr*e PDF about the secret society that wants me for a member.


Well, enough claptrap! It's time to begin YOUR journey...

A Piece of Advice: The words Journey and Adventure are just other ways of
saying T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

                Good luck, God Bless and GodSpeed!


                       EVIL IS STALKING YOU...

                                 Think I'm lying?

                          Think about it, have YOU:

       Ever see something outta the corner of YOUR eye...

        Feel like someone, or something...is watching YOU?

               Hear a noise YOU can't quit make out...

Wake up in the middle of the night - feeling as if, someone or something...is in YOUR home?

Feel like there's something out there in the night, in the dark, something...evil?

Or, even considered the evil YOU and humanity do, unwittingly or not, on a daily basis?

BE AWARE - It's not YOUR imagination. Evil is very real, more real than
                        YOU can imagine!

                        AND, evil is here...NOW!

                        Unless we all do something about it, Evil WILL overtake

                        Will YOU help humanity save itself?


This is not for the weak of heart or thick of skull or where I'm from those called Republicans...

I have found explosive information that concerns the TRUTHS about Religion, History and Women!

I have been threatened, blacklisted, ridiculed and humiliated in the newspaper. I've been in hiding for years...WHY?

Because power brokers of the world cannot afford to have YOU and the General Public know these TRUTHS I've uncovered...

I've kept quiet...until now.

As I get older, I realize the information I've fought so hard to uncover may be lost again, maybe forever to humanity!

I can't let that happen...

The world must know THEY have been lied to, taken advantage of and abused, to provide a select evil few with wealth and riches based on OUR suffering.

At the same time, I can't expose my family to nut cases that are too cowardly to face someone who can defend themselves.

They either use children and women as bombs and/or willing to kill the innocent. And hide behind self-righteous Religions and Politics!


At one time, I contacted media agents and publishing houses. When they found what my project was about, they immediately rejected me...

They were frightened by the TRUTHS being revealed...

Hollywood wants my screenplay, but wants to change everything around and hide
the TRUTHS by paying me a $30,000 while making $300ML dollars...

I finally figuring out how to get my information out to YOU, keep my Rights, and
hopefully making a buck or three for other projects and my retirement...

I'm going to do it through the Internet...

I'm writing this in the form of a modern-day supernatural Fable. It is up to YOU
to discover the TRUTHS I've hidden...


FYI: The Fable was created 2,600 years ago by a Greek slave named Aesop
         (A~sop/E~sop), who won his fre*dom through storytelling.

         A Fable is usually an entertaining tale with animals or mythical characters,
         and an underlying story that reveals a moral or a TRUTH...

I'm counting on YOU to find the TRUTHS, understand what humanity has to win or lose, take a stand, and spread the news!

Do some research, find out for YOURSELVES if I'm lying or not...

Learn how to protect YOURSELVES and YOUR loved ones...


YOU will not only help a non-war, disabled vet, YOU'll learn the SECRETS that will save humanity...

                                        Are YOU tuff enuff?!...

If so, please click here. If YOU don't want to know the TRUTHS, then please leave and get outta the way of the people who are gonna save YOUR worthless hide!



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