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                'Neath the Fables

                         Artist unknown

       Thank YOU for wanting to know more...

Having received hundreds of emails from fans, saying they knew
they were reading a fable ('The Eye of God')...

But, some of it just seemed too real, to be fiction...

They wanted to know what was real and what wasn't?


And, that's what I'm gonna give everyone...

The full skinny on which parts are real, which are speculative, and
which are myth!

Be prepared to challenge everything YOU've ever been taught,
chances are...YOU've been lied to and YOU're in for an eye-
awakening experience!

Shoot the liars, not the messengers!


                 UNDER CONSTRUCTION

This 'new' PDF will be titled:
"The World Beneath 21st Century Fables".

No price is currently set!


In the meantime, I'm writing a fr*e Special eReport PDF download for YOUR consideration, entitled:

               Does The Illuminati Really Exist?

                           a true story...


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