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                              BOOK I:

                   "The Eye of God"

                                       Image courtesy of NASA
                                             Hourglass Nebula

   Written for not only my children, nephews & nieces...
                       But, YOURS as well!


           Gather 'round the campfire, kiddies...

                           Listen closely...

          YOUR very souls hang in the balance!

                  The Eye of God is upon us!

NASA calls it a gaseous nebula, but it sure as hell looks like an Eye to me!

And, what's even worse, NASA has found and identified a universe of Light and a universe of total Darkness.

Most people didn't concern themselves with these seemingly innocent events...

But, I did...

Science has found the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell, and I need YOU to know: God is watching and deciding if the human race is worth saving...

I need YOUR help...please pass on the following:


               A great conspiracy has been...

And, is being committed against YOU and humanity!


                      What YOU do next...

May well decide YOU, YOUR children and the world's destiny!


Be forewarned...this eFable is not for the faint of heart.


                                                by Roch Jimenez
                                               (Roc He~men~ez)

             1998- 2011 Copyright, Roch Jimenez. All Rights Reserved.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are products of the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously and are not to be construed as real. Any resemblance to actual events, locales, organizations, or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


                        It's NOT your imagination...

Evil is very real, more real than
you can imagine!

I know this for a fact. My name is Cyndy, and I found myself face-to-face with
true evil.

               Evil is ancient, brilliant and never sleeps...

Before you write me off as crazy or a holy roller, please listen to my story, then make up your mind, am I lying...or not?!

I was seven years old, when my life changed 4ever!


          It began in the last decades of the 20th century...

The  result of centuries of injustice, based upon imagined sleights and reality.

The time was ripe. All that was needed, was a person who knew how to exploit
and feed on human weaknesses...

As in previous times, evil people rose in power to create havoc and chaos
against humanity - to rule the world, to proclaim themselves...a God.


                 Common links drove these people...

A childhood of being told God loves them and they were special, while reality
proved otherwise.

And, a seldom-known fact...each of these people had come in contact with an
ancient tome of arcane spells and knowledge that directly allowed the
practitioners to call upon an ancient darkness to help them prey on the
innocent, and rise to power...

Throughout the ages, many have been exposed to the ancient tome.

The book always found its way into the hands of humans who sought the Truth
of life.

It was purposely laid in front of them, to entice them, to corrupt their souls.

Most that traveled the tome's path met with disaster, as they were consumed
by the evil they did.

The few who did survive the path, went on to become infamous butchers of
humanity; yet for all the harm and destruction they did,  these few failed to
bring forth the ultimate evil the book was designed to do...


                                     Chapter 1

In the late 1980s, the book found its way into two individual's hands. One
male, one female, both 32yrs of age...

One practiced the ancient rites and dwelved into the mysteries of myth and
legend...one didn't and walked away.

In the mid-1990s, supernatural events began happening across the world.

Specters, ghosts, whatever YOU call them, became visible and caused mischief.

Demons were sighted and became responsible for deaths...

World-wide media eager to report death, bombarded viewers and instilled fear and terror to the world at large!

Amongst the world's cooperating spy agencies, it was rumored that this new enemy was a predator who used black arts and technology, ...

A human predator had arisen, and the world's spy agencies had NO clue as to identity, motive or means...

They were at a loss!

Unbeknownst to the world's agencies, this predator managed to find and capture incredible mythical beings, ancient relics, a hidden valley of living dinosaurs, and enslaved a subterranean society.

A base of operations was established in this underground world...

It was from this base, that the predator began dealing in global slavery of
women and children...

Then, came the assassinations and takeovers of various drug warlords
growing fields, their routes and global distribution networks.

This was closely followed by the "mass" purchasing and selling of
intelligence, scientists and weapons of destruction.

The Predator had also amassed a global network of informants, which
included "bought" politicians and others whose reach, went deep into the
archives of global government secrets.

Yes...this time, "The Book of the Dead" had fallen into the appropriate hands.

Hands, that would bring forth the chaos the book was designed to create...


                                      Chapter 2

In the middle months of 2001, the abomination was released...

The deal had been made months ago, and tonight, it would be over.

At a secret US Gov't facility, hidden in the jungles of Puerto Rico, a scientist
had been turned.

His perverse secrets had been found out.

An anonymous satellite email had been sent to his secure inbox. The sender
knew everything about his gambling debts, cocaine abuse and his immoral
acts with children.

If exposed, he would face a minimum of 35yrs for his criminal acts.

He was given, but one choice: "DO WHAT I SAY...you'll be paid $15Ml,
records will be lost and you'll be free...or, YOU can rot in a Puerto Rican jail.
I really don't care..."

                     So, he did what he was told...


The scientist was Head of the DNA Department, and in charge of a black op.

His primary duties involved research and experimentation in cross-breeding
and cloning of terrestrial and extraterrestial DNA.


Years ago, as a brilliant young scientist, he was recruited by one of the many
US Gov't's alphabet black ops groups to further a new scientific discipline.

He was given DNA of bats, monkeys, reptiles, and unspecified donors to
create trainable, disposable combat lifeforms.

He had created the Chupacabra and was responsible for letting them loose in
Puerto Rico and othe countries surrounding the Gulf of Mexico, he monitored
their habits and routines in active environments.

The Chupacabra's (spanish for goat sucker) main prey were goats, chickens,
and pets
, but it was capable of and has brought down 1,500lb cattle.

It drank the blood of its
victims, often ate meat from its victims, left forensic
material and had been seen in the vicinity of supposed UFO sightings and
landings in Puerto Rico, Mexico and other Central and South American

The scientist wasn't concerned for his creations or for the safety of
the population.

He had safety implants in his
first release creations.

First and foremost, was the flight
implant - whenever they encountered
anything within a programmed
human structure, they were to hide, flee and escape.

The second
implant allowed the creations to kill and eat anything non-human.

The 3rd implant was a global tracker, the 4th a dietary
monitor and the 5th
was a satellite remote destruction unit. He
had total control of his creations.

Though, h
e was troubled by the unidentified donors, as his creations were
being seen around supposed UFO sightings; but he really
didn't care, it
wasn't his problem anymore…


Within the next 24hrs, the scientist would receive a satellite signal to release
a Super Chupacabra (SupaChupa) creation.

This version of his creation was by far, the most advanced; certain safety
implants were omitted, and
additional size and aggressiveness were included.

But "most"terrifying of all, human DNA had been added. It could now think
and reason.

Within moments of receiving the signal, he would send the software, codes
and arrange the release and escape of his
modification to his unknown

Then he would be free…$15ml, a new identity, passport,  AND all the
cocaine and children he wanted.

It was too good, to
be true. He knew he was being setup, but he had a plan to

He would release his Hynd - Hybrid Non-human Drone
software and physical
specimen after his money was received at
secret accounts.

 He didn't think the blackmailer would let him live, but he felt that if he
released the terror and kept a low profile,
maybe he just might be able to
vanish under the radar.

ith that thought, he awaited the signal…


                                     Chapter 3

Eight hours later, the scientist received his signal. He checked his Swiss
bank account through his computer and found a
additional $15ml there.

He jumped out of his seat, arms raised
in the air, screaming: “Give me the
Losing himself to the moment, he did a little Irish jig...

Regaining his composure, he looked at his watch...nine m
inutes til his
anonymous sponsor would call. He jumped back to his computer and ran
a special program designed to hide his


His cell rang at 3am, answering he said: “I got the money, ready for the
upload? Good,
I’m transmitting, now.”
"Yes, you'll have satellite surveillance of all the experiments, along with
  their destruct commands. But, you need to be aware of this 'new'
  Chupa...yes, okay, all right."

"Twenty minutes, East Gate. Make sure your driver turns his lights off.
  Yes, I understand."


Ten minutes later, the scientist was pulling a tarp over a drugged, seven
being of terror and destruction.

Shaking his head, he muttered: "Here, they be monsters!"

Five minutes later, the scientist bumped the gurney into the Exit Door and
a large wet webbed, black scaled, opposing thumb and four fingered
hand with three inch talons, fell from underneath the tarp.

Within minutes the scientist was on the dock with the gurney, swatting
at mosquitoes while waiting for the truck to arrive.


A darkened cargo van drove drove up to the gate. The scientist let it in
and told the driver to back up to the loading dock.

While the driver loaded the cargo, the scientist was still swatting at the


With the van loaded, the driver got in and started it up.

The scientist went over and said: "Make sure your boss knows that this
one is different. It's stronger, faster, meaner and intelligent. It knows how
to think. I don't know what it's capable of!"

"How long will it be out?"

"That's what I'm trying to tell you, I have no idea. I gave it enough to knock
   out an elephant, but there's too many unknowns, anything could happen.
   Just make sure it's put in a titanium cage."

Lighting a cigarette, the driver nodded okay. As he drove through the gate,
he looked into his side mirror and saw a red dot centering on the scientist's
neck. Smiling, he murmured: "Watch out for the skeeters, Doc."


                                       Chapter 4

Traveling for 25 minutes, the truck arrived at a private pier on the southwest
coast of Puerto Rico.

Driving down the pier, he stopped next to a sleek drug-running boat.

Deckhands immediately transferred the cargo.

Walking up to the pier master, the driver said: "Done at my end. Additional
instructions include possible early riser, unknown qualities and a titanium
cage. All in all, a volative package."

"Understood, I got the bubble, keep to ground."

"Understood, good sailing."


The pier master gave the captain his final instructions: "The last leg of
your voyage is when you'll be most vunerable. A storm will greet you one
mile off the coast of Quantana Roo, set the package adrift. If the package
awakens, kill it! Stay away from Belize. And, get the hell out, understand!?"

"Understood. Permission to sail?"

"Permission granted, good sailing Captain."


Thump, thump...thump, thump - went the scientist heart as he was double-
checking his account.

There was NO money in his account, he got played.

Somehow, the voice had created a dummy site that tricked him into thinking
he got paid.
Suddenly, his screen began flashing...

A virus was eating his hard drive...

Reaching for the keyboard, his heart seized up...

Thump...thump...thump - clutching his heart, he sees his screen darken to a
centered point of light...


The point of light expands into a white screen, grimacing he falls dead,
face first into his keyboard...


As the scientist died, a very busy and profitable night was drawing to a
close at a vast hidden base camp in the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico.

Business was booming!

Tonight's shipment of women, children, drugs and weapons that cost
$35ml would bring in $500ml in the next 5 days!

It was all about business and power, the Predator had it down to a science:
"Spend $35ml twice a month for a year and make $11.625bl in tax-free
  US dollars a year!"

Fueling people's hatred and vices was a very profitable business.

Profits from the last 25yrs, created the Predator's empire with the financial
impact of a 1st world country.


Tonight was a special night, all the pieces were in place...

The Predator's reach had extended into several governments secret vaults,
centuries of secrets were now known!

The Predator had also collected 'specific' hostages and relics that challenged
all religions, time, and the very existence of humanity.

The Predator wasn't going to hesitate to exploit all advantages...

In the next few weeks, the Predator would acquire the final pieces that would
bring forth the Book's vision of chaos on earth.

                          "Vengeance will be mine!"

                                 Life was grrand!

                It was almost time, to become...a 'God'!


Screams of terror rang from the smuggler's boat, along with sounds of tearing
flesh and animalistic roars...then silence...


The runner ran upon an isolated stretch of beach. The monster climbed
out of the hold onto the deck, sniffed the air, viewed the jungle and ran
into it...

By late afternoon, the storm had broke and the sun came out...

Having traveled miles through the jungle, the monster came upon an
overgrown Mayan pyramid...

Climbing to the top, it stretched to its full height and length, and welcomed the
near setting sun.

Its features were prominent, seven foot tall, covered in black oily scales, 400
pounds in weight.

Its head was the shape of a small T-Rex, the eyes were large, almond-shaped and black in color...

Its back was lined with dorsal fins along the spine from head to tail...

It had muscular three-foot long arms ending in webbed, five-digit hands with
three-inch talons...

Under its arms, beginning at its mid-forearms and ending at the hips, were
thickly muscled wings...

Its legs rippled with explosive tension, it balanced on two webbedf five-digit
clawed feet...

The 4ft reptile tail whipped about like a cobra striking...

Roaring its pleasure at being free, it settled down into a waiting position.


Watching day become night, it suddenly raised its head...

The chip in its head was receiving coordinates and instructions via

It sniffed the air, looked to the south, then the west.

It didn't understand any of this information, it only knew...

It was time to sleep...


Just after midnight, it was awakened by the silent pounce of a jaguar, the
twittering of tree monkeys and the sudden squawks of the sleeping,
 colorful birds.

It was time to move, time to hunt, to eat and to live...

It ran the length of the top of the pyramid and launched itself into the
night air.

Gliding above the jungle, reveling in its power and strength...

And, it was ready to create terror...


                                    Dear Diary

                                    Evil exists...
                            And, it never sleeps...

It lies in wait, for the moment circumstances are ripe and human vigilance

Evil's brilliance lies in preying on human weakness, with special emphasis
on dividing people and cultures through hatred and greed!

     "Evil can only exist, when 'good ' people do nothing."

I know this for a fact. My name is Cyndy...this is the first of my journals, and my plea to those that read this, to take up the battle against evil.


I'm now an old lady, the year is 2075.

I've been fighting evil since I was 14yrs old, back in 2009.

Hell, at 17 in 2012, I even helped stop the mass migra...oops!

I'm getting ahead of myself, you can read about it in later journals.

For now, I want to impress upon you the importance in stop hating and
hurting each other.

Thoughts, words and actions really do give power to either evil or good!

So remember, just 'cause people are of a different color, sex, speak
differently than we do, eat foods that we don't, or believe in other things.

That doesn't make them the enemy, heathen or evil, it just makes
them different, as we are to them.

The real enemy is the one given dominion over the Earth, with humanity as
its prize!

Our only weapon is free will!

The ability to choose if we want to be good guys or bad guys...

Out of all the creatures on Earth and in the universes, only humanity was
given that 'special' something!

We think, reason and can change our lives, if we try!

This  weapon, is also our salvation. Nothing is written in stone, humanity can
change the course of its own existence....

That is to say: "With intestinal fortitude, knowledge and a little luck, every
single person can change the course of their own lives, if they really try!"


The world you think you live in, is not the real world!

You have been deceived and sold to evil by the very organizations you
believe in...

Some of the things I'm going to tell you, you're going to need strength to read,
you're going to have to be strong to face these TRUTHS...

These TRUTHS will set you fr*e, if you are willing to face yourself and decide
who and what kind of person you are, and want to be...


So, before you write me off as crazy or a holy roller, just read my story.
Then, make up your mind if I'm lying or not!

Do some research. Use your mind and 'free will', decide for yourself what is real, what's a lie and how you want to live your life.

"Free will and consciousness are the links of our souls to the cosmos!!!"


                                   Chapter 6

March 15th, 2009 (The Ides of March)

It  wasn't as bad as  I thought it would be. Auntie S is really pretty kewl. A
little weird and freaky, but kewl.

She picked me up at the 5th District Police Station in Washington, D.C., posted my bail and assumed guardianship.

She musta had alotta pull, 'cause she also got permission for me to leave the country with her on a work visa.

As I walked to the lobby to meet her, I was scared and pissed at her...

She's my 'favorite and onlyest' auntie!

The last time I saw her was seven years ago, I was only seven years old.

Part of me was scared of what she would think of me, of what I've become.

Another part of me was pissed off at her, she never came to the funeral,  never came to get me, never even wrote...

She  left me to survive in the streets...

Well, screw her and what she thinks!!!


She stood up when she saw me and motioned for me to follow her outside the doors.

As I walked behind her, I noticed she was walking funny, kinda stiff-legged.

I followed her to a real mean-looking jeep thingy. We both sat inside for a coupla minutes without saying anything to each other, looking straight ahead, staring at the brick wall in front of our parking space.

The silence became unbearable...

I was about to tell her thank you for bailing me out, when I heard her sob...

She looked directly into my eyes, and I was 7yrs old again. Having a heart to heart with my auntie, my 'bestest' friend!

Her first words were: "I didn't know, Cyndyrella (her pet name for me). I've been out of country for 7yrs. I just found out, I'm so sorry baby girl, didn't know!"

And then we were in each other's arms, crying our hearts out...

We, eventually stop crying and started laughing...

It felt sooo good, and safe to be with Auntie S, she'd help me.

We drove to the edge of town, picked up a pizza, some pop, ice cream, and got a motel room with two beds in it...


After showering, we pigged out and watched TV. I kept switching the channels to see as much as I could...

It'd been years since I was able to watch TV at my leisure, lotta new shows!

This was so different from the life I'd been living. For instance, at 9pm Auntie S said lights out at 9:30pm, and I was fine with that.

But, until my umpteenth shoplifting arrest, a week ago, 9pm was primetime in the 5th District!

That's when I worked the tourists...boosting wallets, purses, coats and
anything that wasn't nailed down. Had a few fences I used.

Even ran the Lolita scam, paid big bucks!

I fought with Chinese Blades...two crescent shaped blades that fit over a hand. I use one for each hand.

I ditched them before I got arrested. My street name was Sin, and I was one mean bitch!

But, I'm hoping that part of my life is with over now...


True to her word, at 9:30pm Auntie S turned off the lights and lowered the volume on the TV.

"Get some sleep, Cyndyrella, we're leaving early in the morning. We'll talk
  on the way. We'll make some kinda sense outta the last seven years. We're
  together now. We're the only family, we got left. And, we're gonna take care
  of each other, okay?"

"Sounds good to me!"

"Great, we'll leave the TV and the bathroom light on for nightlights, okay?"


"Good night, BabyGirl."

"Good night Auntie S."


After about 15 minutes of tossing and turning, I whispered: "Are you awake?"


Still whispering, I asked: "Can I sleep with you tonight?"

In a whisper, Auntie S said: "Took you long enough!"

Sliding into bed with her, I whispered: "You won't leave me, will you?"

I felt a soft kiss by my ear and a whisper: "Never again!"

And with that, I had the first restful sleep I'd had in years.


During our 2,500 mile drive across the United States and into Mexico for her research project, we talked about alotta things.

First was the research project. What was it and what I am supposed to do?

Auntie S said she was a Cryptozoologist, a researcher of unknown animals,
and we were going to track Chupacabras.

She told me what they were and I was supposed to take notes, keep a diary, and record our findings.

Okay, I can deal with that. Then, we moved onto more personals thing...

I told Auntie S how Mom and Dad were killed in a botched carjacking on their way to a government function for Dad's job, the funeral, the foster homes, the abuse, and the skills I'd learned livin' in the streets.

She told me about her back-to-back projects in China and another failed relationship.

Mainly, we talked about the good times with Mom and Dad.

We got depressed at times and we talked our way out of becoming 'Gloomy Guses', but something was bothering Auntie S.

A few times I asked if anything was wrong and she would vaguely answer: "Sorta kinda, but not really. Nothing to worry about BabyGirl."

And, sometimes it seems like she hearing and seeing things that no one else does.

That's what I mean about Auntie S being a little weird and freaky.

"WEIRD, huh!!!"


We listened to alot of her dinosaur 'oldies', things like Danke Shoen /
Guantelemeda / Volaire / Fly Me to the Moon / Apple, Peaches, Pumkin Pie / Santana's Caravansera / the Beatles and other cuts.

I gotta admit, listening to music Mom, Dad, Auntie S and I used to listen to back when I was a kid, did make me feel better.

Thank God for Auntie S, she came just in time. She saved my life!

With every mile we drove, I could feel layer, by ever-so-thin layer of street bitch melt away.

I began feeling like I was on my own magical mystery tour. That there would be a today, and a tomorrow. And, many other tomorrows!


We arrived in Jimenez (He~men~ez), Chihuahua, Mexico around 2pm.

We stopped at an old-time saloon/general store/hotel.

We walked through the wooden double doors to meet the husband and wife
owners (our contacts), pick up supplies and get our rooms.

As Dona Maria (Doe~n~ya Ma~rhe~ya), the mother figure of the business,
walked us through the general store, gunshots rang out in the saloon area.

Auntie S immediately grabbed me, pulled me to the floor and under a table.

It happened so fast, I screamed...

Dona Maria, also on the floor under a table whispered: "Quiet, banditos (bahn~de~toes)!"

Too late...

Three banditos came into the general store, found us, and dragged us out
to the saloon bar. That's when I knew:

                  "Kansas was a loong way off, Toto!!!"


There were about seven men, and they started groping us. As we struggled,
Auntie S kicked one in between the legs...

I thought guys went down when you did that!

But this guy backed up, put his hands on his knees and got mad!

He pulled his knife and lunged at Auntie S, everything went quiet...

Landing on top of her, his left hand pulled her hair back against the bar,
exposing her throat.

His right hand held the knife at her throat and said in a slimy voice: "Your daughter will be sold into sex slavery and YOU will be my whore."

"I look forward to making your remaining life...as painful as possible!"

Then Auntie S did the unexpected, she spit in his face!!!

I knew he was going to slit her throat and there was nothing I could do about it...


Suddenly, there were two short screams...

The banditos immediately turned to the screams with weapons ready...

Two of their guys were on the ground, holding their groins...

Standing over them was a long-haired guy dressed in dirty native clothing...

He had broad shoulders, bronze skin, brown eyes and wasn't real tall...

His hair and beard, like an Abraham Lincoln beard with no mustache, was gray with some black in it...

He looked old, but his face was young...

And, he spoke in a low rumbling voice that made my insides vibrate: "The Eye
of God is upon us...YOU must leave now!!!"

No one moved...

He shrugged his shoulders and did something weird...


He raised his hands from the sides of his body, towards his belly button...

Then, pushed his hands outward and spread his arms in a fanning motion...

I felt my heartbeat in my ears, something was happening!

I heard my Mom's favorite song: "Sympathy for the Devil" by the
Rolling Stones, my heart clutched...

Things seemed to go into slo-mo...then, everything went schyzoid!


It was like one of those bad late night martial arts flix, where the film
skips, fast-forwards, reverses & is seldom in synch...

As they came at him, he slowly moved in to meet them...

Then, he seemed to speed up...

It was scary to watch...

He didn't care...

His eyes were dead...


Unbelievable as it seemed, it was almost graceful...

Using his hands, legs, knees, elbows, feet and any other part of his
body he could...

He seemed to block and attack with one single movements.

The bandits were falling down with broken jaws, collarbones, arms, busted

Before I knew it, he was standing in front of us...

He looked into Auntie S amd my eyes, and said: "Please YOU must
leave NOW!!!"

As he turned away, he called for Dona Maria and strode toward a man, who
was sitting in a dark corner...

Auntie S yelled: "Hey, who are YOU? Where did YOU come from?!

After stopping to speak with Dona Maria, he looked at us and said:"I'm
none, from no place..."

Dona Maria called her husband and they both went in different directions...

The stranger's back was to us...

He walked towards the man in the corner...

Auntie S followed him...

I followed...


Auntie S yelled out: "Hey, Mr. Nobody from No place. I'm not finished
talking to you!"

                              UNDER CONSTRUCTION

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